Gt Barrier Island


RnR trips of two days or more can include Great Barrier Island as the destination.
With years of boating in this area, Wayne knows some great places to anchor for the night and also many good fishing and diving spots to explore.
Gt Barrier is the sixth-largest island of New Zealand (285 sq. km) and lies in the outer Hauraki Gulf, to the north-east of central Auckland and just two hours aboard RnR to fitzroy Harbour.
The eastern side of Gt Barrier has surf beaches and many sheltered coves, with opportunities for fishing, swimming or explore ashore and maybe take a refreshing shower under a cool waterfall, or bathe in a freshwater pool.
The native bush is outstanding presenting many opportunities for the camera enthusiast. 

Rakitu Island (Arid Is.) is on the Eastern side of Gt Barrier and offers a safe harbour in most conditions and safe snorkeling or diving grounds. Once safely anchored, you may have the opportunity to stretch your legs with a walk to the top of the hill or just walk along the beach.

If any shore trips are anticipated please discuss this with us at booking time.