The Mokes

Mokohinau Islands

The Mokohinau Islands (locally known as the Mokes) are just over an hour off the coast from Mangawhai Heads.
About 30 nautical miles off shore the Mokes are a group of rugged islands formed by volcanic activity thousands of years ago. With its rugged terrain and many reef areas and drop offs the islands are a great place to explore and a photographers dream, as well as a fishing and diving destination.
The major islands in the group are Burgess, Flax, Trig, Fannel and Maori Rocks. Other rocky islands in the group are Navarre, Simpsons, Grouper with many more smaller un-named small islands scattered amongst the group making for a really interesting destination. 

Burgess island is home to many small species of skink and has a thriving muttonbird, and red-crowned parakeet/kākāriki population. Tui and bellbird/korimako are also abundant.
Grey-faced petrel (also called ōi) nest on the island and can be seen at sea feeding during the day.


The light house atop Burgess island was established in 1883. One of the most distant lighthouses in the Hauraki Gulf and was one of the last to be automated, with the last lighthouse keepers leaving Burgess Island in 1980.

You can visit the lighthouse and historic sites associated with it, but there is no access into the lighthouse. It takes about 40 minutes to walk to the lighthouse from the landing at Burgess Island.
RnR Is able to drop passengers off at the old wharf if they wish to take the walk to the lighthouse, but this must be arranged at the time of booking your trip